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■ 제목: Safety of professional drivers from the behavioral, psychological, and empirical perspectives

■ 연사: Chen Tiantian교수(KAIST 조천식모빌리티대학원)

■ 일시: 11.03(목) 16:00

■ URL: https://kaist.zoom.us/j/82464453823?pwd=akVSdlhvc2dnUXhtb0M5THA0S2FRQT09  

■ 초록: Although professional drivers constitute only a small proportion of the overall driver population, their exposures on roads are remarkably higher than that of general drivers. Fatigue, reduced vigilance, and aggressive driving behavior are important risk factors for the crash involvement of professional drivers. It is of paramount importance to evaluate the effectiveness of various legislation, enforcement and training programs in enhancing the safety of professional drivers. Perception, attitude, and behavior are different between professional and general drivers because of the variation in skills and experiences, and also the influences of operation characteristics and management practices. From this evidence, effective operation, health and safety management, and regulatory measures can be developed for the transport operators and authorities, and to reduce the crash and injury risk related to professional drivers in the long run.