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제목: Design for Additive Manufacturing of Future Mobility

연사: 김남훈 교수 (UNIST 기계공학과)

일시: 10월 22일(목) 16:00

■ 방법: 실시간 온라인(ZOOM) 진행

   - URL: https://kaist.zoom.us/j/88401069837?pwd=WTAzMXNBU2E3aUNrbTI4bVpFN2gzUT09




The additive manufacturing (AM) is regarded as the innovative technology for the next industrial revolution. Because AM can provide solutions to overcome various manufacturing issues, such as design complexity and production variability, it has been widely adopted in numerous industrial cases. To maximize the usefulness of the AM technology, Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) is essential to design and process analysis stages. DFAM is regarded as a key to enhancing the performance and quality of the AM products with consideration of the reliability, cost, weight and capability of them. However, in reality, DFAM requires a significant amount of knowledge and experience to effectively support the manufacturing process. Specifically, topology optimization, multiscale design, multi-material design, part consolidation, and customization are often incorporated together in order to take full advantages of DFAM. In this presentation, practical applications of DFAM in automotive and heavy industries at UNIST are introduced to explain how DFAM improves the outputs of additive manufacturing. By illustrating the DFAM applications in manufacturing, the systematic design and engineering processes using DFAM are also presented.

In addition, a couple of on-going projects on design and manufacturing of new automotive parts using additive manufacturing technology are introduced (including the project with KAIST). The potentials of DFAM to the future mobility design and manufacturing are demonstrated and the current limitations of DFAM are also discussed.



Additive Manufacturing; Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM); Automotive Parts; Future Mobility

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