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■ 제목: Intro to Simulator Technology for Self-Driving Algorithm Design at ANLab of Inha University

■ 연사: 원종훈 교수(인하대학교 전기공학과)

■ 일시: 3.10(목) 16:00

■ URL: https://kaist.zoom.us/j/87025376142?pwd=WC9NSmM4TTMrazRWV3Q3Qi9pSnVtUT09 

■ 요약: The 4th industrial revolution is creating various new services and products by merging various information and communication technology (ICT) represented by artificial intelligent (AI), internet of thing (IoT), cloud computing, big data and mobile, etc. with existing industries. In particular, autonomous cars, which are a combination of ICT technology and traditional mechanical and automotive technologies, are the most noteworthy trend of the key components for the 4th industrial revolution. The autonomous driving technology is nothing special anymore, and becomes common to modern human life. At the beginning, autonomous driving cars were implemented mainly by using a fusion of sensor technologies from a microscopic point of view. This is an application of the navigation, guidance and control technologies, which were widely used in the traditional aviation, space and military fields, to civilian automobiles equipped with various sensors, i.e., a mimic of human drivers. Moreover, the recent integration of 5G communications to autonomous cars to realize the vehicle-to-everything (V2X) and cooperative intelligent transportation system (C-ITS) concept gives us a new opportunity to build up one of core components of the future smart city by monitoring and controlling the traffic flow efficiently from macro perspective point of view. For these, driving simulator technology is a key element to escalate the speed of research and development (RnD) cycle of autonomous driving by providing ultra-efficiently safe development environment.

In this talk I present an ultra-low cost driving simulator technology developed by Autonomous Navigation Lab at INHA University that is ideally suited to autonomous driving algorithm and system development both in micro and macro levels.

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