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Vehicular Electro Magnetic Compatibility Laboratory

The Vehicular Electro Magnetic Compatibility Lab(VEMC lab) is specialized in the research of Electromagnetic wave and its reduction, Wireless Power Transfer system, Signal & Power integrity. As a member of Electronic Warfare Research Center, the laboratory is also developing Low Probability of Intercept(LPI) communication system. Recently, we have conducted projects with Hyundai Motors, Agency for Defense Development(ADD), Ministry of Land, Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute(ETRI), Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy, KORAIL and etc.


Wireless Power Transfer Systems

- Wireless Power Transfer Technology in Electric Vehicle
- Coil Structure Analysis for Wireless Power Transfer
- Coil Structure Analysis for reduce the EMI/EMF

Micro-robot Propulsion using Wireless Power transfer System

- Transfer electrical energy using wireless power transfer system
- Generate propulsion force and torque using wireless power transfer
- Motion control with time-varying magnetic field in micro-robot

Autonomous Coil Alignment System

- In wireless power transfer electric vehicles, it is evident that power drops with increased coil misalignment
- The sensor coil installed within the load coil detects the lateral misalignment between source and load coil, and corrected through autonomous steering function

Through Silicon Via

- Implementation of advanced multifunction integrated circuit
- Analysis of high accuracy multiple package modeling

High-Speed Digital System Design

- Signal and Power Integrity for High-Speed Digital System IC, Package, and Interconnection Design Radio Frequency Interference