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Autonomous Vehicles and Electronics Laboratory

The KAIST Autonomous Vehicles and Electronics Lab(AVE lab) is specializing in the development of Sensing & Learning, Next Generation Global Navigation Satellite System(GNSS) and Vehicular Communication(V2X and LTE-V). Recently, we have conducted projects with National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) and KAIST start-up, Agency for Defense Development (ADD) and etc.


Next Generation Intersection System for LTE-Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)

The future traffic control system of the intersection is equipped with LTE-based V2X communication system and radar/lidar/vision -based traffic monitoring system to obtain realtime traffic information around the intersection and to deliver traffic control to the incoming CAVs and human driving vehicles.

Deep Indoor GNSS (Pioneering)

- AVELab develops algorithms, technologies, and systems that provide super-sensitivity and enables super-fast GNSS signal detection
- We are pioneering the research and currently have by far the world-best performance. For example, the current AVElab’s technology has about 800 times faster detection and can detect GPS signals at deep indoor area in 10+ seconds, which may take 3~4 hours for commercial GPS technologies

AI-based Radar Detection & Recognition

Artificial Intelligent (AI) is an outstanding method in radar signal detection and classification, thanks for its time-efficiency and high rate of successful recognition

Connected & Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Development

AVELab is developing an LTE-based connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV)