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Autonomous Vehicles and Electronics Laboratory

The KAIST Autonomous Vehicles and Electronics Lab(AVE lab) is specializing in the development of Sensing & Learning, Next Generation Global Navigation Satellite System(GNSS) and Vehicular Communication(V2X and LTE-V). As a member of Electronic Warfare Research Center, the laboratory is also developing Low Probability of Intercept(LPI) radar signal processing. Recently, we have conducted projects with SKT, Agency for Defense Development(ADD), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MOLIT), KORAIL and etc.


Super-Fast Super-Sensitivity Indoor GPS

- 2015 KAIST Technological Innovation Awards

KTX HEMU-430X Navigation

- Sensor fusion based navigation system for Korean next generation high speed train, KTX HEMU-430X

BK21 – Future Transportation System(2016.04.12.)

- Smart Vehicular System: Autonomous Vehicles & Electrical Power system
- Sustainable Transport System for High Safety
- Big Data based Efficient Traffic Signal System