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Innovative Design for Mobility Systems Laboratory

This laboratory implements the fundamental principles of multidisciplinary engineering through computational analysis and determines the optimal designs for real-world systems through design optimization. The current research areas are electromagnetic, biomechanical, and traffic systems. The ultimate goal of this group is to propose innovative engineering systems which can enhance human and vehicular mobility.


Electromagnetic System Optimization (ESO)

- Development of the size/shape/topology optimization methods for the electromagnetic systems
- Wireless power transfer system
- Electric motor drive system

Biomechanical System Optimization (BSO)

- Investigation of the governing principles of bone metabolism and implementation of them to mobility systems
- Biomechanical simulation
- Skeletal image processing
- Bio-inspired (or bio-mimetic) structural design

Transportation System Optimization (TSO)

- Determination of the optimal traffic signal operation and infrastructure planning
- Traffic signal optimization
- Infrastructure operation