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Vehicular Systems Design and Control Laboratory (VDC Lab)

The VDC Lab investigates key problems within future vehicular technologies and smart energy systems. For this purpose, VDC Lab is divided in three research groups: The Autonomous vehicles team focuses on intelligent vehicular technology including perception, decision, and robust control. The hybrid electric vehicles team studies comprehensive design process of split hybrid electric vehicles. The smart energy systems team surveys energy systems using renewable energy and battery energy storage systems.



Autonomous Vehicles

- Investigation of intelligent vehicular technology
- Sensor fusion (lane and vehicle detection)
- Predictive collision avoidance system
- Robust lane keeping system


Hybrid Electric Vehicles

- Comprehensive design process of split hybrid electric vehicle
- Powertrain configuration assessment
- Generation of feasible schematic drawing
- Validation with hardware in loop (HILS) system


Smart Energy Systems

- Correlation studies between component sizing and optimal control algorithm
- Investigation of system design including configuration and component sizing
- Optimal control algorithm for battery system operation